Direct Impact on Fleet Management

Save Money. Save Time. Save Lives.

Data Analysis

Data Analysis

for efficiency and productivity

Fatigue Sensor

Fatigue Sensor

driving alert & safe

Cargo Safety

Cargo Safety

protect against theft & damage

Compliance & Insurance Cost

Compliance & Insurance Cost

vehicle accidents & insurance claims

Learn more about how Driver Watchdog Fleet Technology can help increase safety and reduce costs.

Make your car a smart car.

Driver Watchdog is equipped with a 4G LTE private signal. Whether you’re on long road trips with the kids or pulling over to conduct business, connect all devices and make your car a smart car. Note: Wifi is totally optional. Monthly data charges apply for this feature. Order now for six months free.

Whether you manage a fleet of vehicles, oversee a mobile sales force or simply employ commuters, the Driver Watchdog fleet management technology helps protect against the risk-of-operations, high cost of DOT compliance and inefficiencies of route management, minimizing risks faced by drivers while protecting the company’s bottom line.

Monitor the road, freight, and your drivers from every angle.

With a proprietary fleet management software, Driver Watchdog’s devices will relay data to a central control system where managers will have the ability to monitor their fleet in real-time. Analytics and data can be used for the following in order to increase driver productivity and management efficiency:

Data analysis

Route Optimization
Planning routes of drivers for more efficient and timely travel.

Fleet Management Efficiency
Allows for central observation of all vehicles 24/7. Mangers shift vehicle hauls and routes, as need be to cover breakdowns, detours other conditions.

Problem Solving Efficiencies
Data collected to provide analysis real time. Expedite changes and customer focus/delivery.

Resource Management
Shift drivers on-the-go, move needed supplies, and coordinate with authorities, customs, etc.

Geography Management
Provides mangers the ability to manage routing for better fuel efficiency and safety, as well as, helping to manage territorial markets.

The data provided through Driver Watchdog’s devices could be used to improve efficiency and productivity of commercial fleets, which in turn, directly effects a company’s costs and expenses.

Driver Watchdog’s fatigue sensor can help protect your company’s bottom line by lessening the risk of accidents due to falling asleep at the wheel. Further, our fatigue sensor can assure the safety of your employees while on the road.

Fatigue Sensor

The Fatigue Sensor & Biometric Alerts combat road accidents and fatigue sensors, all within the DWD turn key fleet management solution.

Dual cameras help prevent accidents by encouraging good driving behavior and fight against claims if an accident does occur.

The Fleet Management Industry spends roughly $30 billion/year on theft and cargo damage. Driver Watchdog’s Motion detection, dual HD cameras and real-time data transfer can offset the internal and external theft issue that adds substantial costs to fleet operators.

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