The Driver Watchdog Team

We are committed to supporting our loved ones through safety and technology, at every turn.

Christian JohnsonFounder & President

Christian Johnson
Founder & President

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Darrel PeeblesChief Operating Officer

Darrel Peebles
Chief Operating Officer

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Chris SchiavinoCFO

Chris Schiavino

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Jaki GruberCMO

Jaki Gruber

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Mike CanzoneriTech Guru

Mike Canzoneri
Tech Guru

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Robert MaefsTech Guru

Robert Maefs
Tech Guru

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Our Mission

Provide Driver Watchdog to people who share our vision: making driving both a safe and enjoyable experience.

Our Story

We’re a start-up company, a team of motivated and talented individuals, committed to protecting our families. I created Driver Watchdog when my teenage son began to drive. Being a single mother, I wanted to be everywhere at all times, but I couldn’t. A few months later, my mother, who’s a diabetic, she had a stroke while driving. So, I knew I wanted a way to keep an eye on both of them, and at the same time, I wanted to be the first to know if anything concerning was happening while they were driving. Then, Driver Watchdog and all of its robust technology, answered the call for safety and connection with my loved ones. Not to mention, my son loves all the technology features he can enjoy safely while driving. Get Smart. Get Safe. Get Connected, with Driver Watchdog  

-Christian Johnson

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